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 ** We now have more ways to connect. Be sure to sign up for both the blogroll AND the yearly blog directory for pastors' wives, and check out the twitter options, too. And finally, don't forget to participate in our new monthly post link-up.**

1. Blogroll -- If you're a pastor's wife, just leave a comment here for blogroll consideration. The posts of blogroll members with the latest posts will appear over there -----------------------------------> 

2. Directory -- Now live (and separate from the growing blogroll above)... a yearly directory of pastors' wives who are currently blogging. Unlike the blog list, your blog won't cycle off the directory page.

(**Keep scrolling down and you'll find it!**)

You can link to the main page of your blog; or, if you prefer, link to an "about me" page or post. Since this is the first time offering this directory, I'm going to keep it through 2012 and 2013, and then evaluate when to do a new one, so that the directory stays more up-to-date.

3. Twitter -- you can find pw connect on twitter now, too. If you follow the account, I can find you when I want to tweet about you or your posts, plus I'll consider you for the pastors' wives tweet list if you're a pw. Basically, if it's obvious you're a pw plus you're not tweeting spammy posts, I'll add you! And feel free to message me if you get overlooked, because that's not my intention at all!

4. Monthly Link-Up -- why have a directory and a monthly link-up? Because there are times when you may pour your heart into a post and want others to see it most of all. This is your chance!

On to the directory... Please join us. Give your sister pw's a visit and share an encouraging word. 

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